What is your Style?

    It is hard to define.
    My mission is to tell the story of the day; the excitement, the humor, the happiness and love of course. I wish to document it as it happens.
    Wedding photojournalism style fit me well, however, sometimes I would intervene and instruct you in order to catch the perfect light or prepare a setting for a breathtaking portrait.
    I accept that some of my clients might want me to take some formal photographs. It is your wedding; it is all about you and your family…  I will organize formals for the family to be done efficiently, in addition, we can take a group shot if you are agree.  As you see, I do some traditional photography too.


    Do you work with a second Photographer?

    Sometimes. I work with assistant who is helping me to add additional perspective to the coverage of the day.
    When I have a lot of guests and complicated logistic I use a second photographer.


    Do you edit all of our photographs?

    Yes I do! Every image is color correct and hand edited, one at a time.


    Where do you live?

    I live in Dubrovnik all year around and I am available for weddings abroad.


    Do you provide video services?

    I don’t but I am happy to recommend you a talented videographer for your wedding or event.


    How long does it take before we receive our products and photographs?

    Online web-stories are posted within eight weeks of the wedding date.  Upon approval of album designs are ready for delivery within twelve weeks.


    Are your high-resolution images watermarked?

    They are not.


    How many pictures will we receive?

    The numbers of images taken depend of how many guest, hours of coverage, etc. On average, for whole day there are around 1000 images.


    Can we get the copyright of the images?

    This question I get it very often. Copyright release in included on your images data, so you are able to print them independently or in any lab of your choice.


    Can we get raw images and images that are not selected?

    Images selected for editing and delivery reflect the real final product, everything else isn’t archived. Raw images aren’t available for viewing or purchase.


    If we are not in Croatia before our wedding how we can arrange a pre wedding meeting?

    Often I have Skype meetings with my future brides and grooms so we can introduce ourselves to each other. I love to talk about you day and share some great tips to make your wedding more smooth too J


    How is album design process work?

    This product is very special to me, I am always very pleased to see the images in a beautiful coffee table book.
    Album has around 100 images mixing small details with big images to give to the product a real storytelling quality. I choose images and prepare the layout. You will have a chance to look and request changes. Once the album is approved, I would send it to print and post it to your home address.


    What is a web-story that you mention before?

    I love it! It is a online gallery, an opportunity to look at a slideshow and share it with family and friends. I select images that the most reflect your day: great moments, locations and decoration too.


    Do you offer engagement sessions?

    Definitely, most of the engagements are shot in the Dubrovnik area during summer.  If you book your wedding with me you get 20% discount on the engagement session.


    What about prices?

    I have packages and a la carte options. Each wedding is very different, please send me details about locations, how many guest are attending and a draft of your plans to give you a real quote.


    I want privacy of my images. Can I have it?

    If client would like to have a complete nondisclosure of their images an additional 30% of the package will be charged. Why? because this is the way I present myself to my new clients.


    What is makes you different from other photographers?

    I have been in the photography business for almost 15 years, shooting more than 600 wedding of people that come from different parts of the world. I have experience with many cultures and each one has different traditions.  I can attune to people very well, anticipate what will be happening and capture it in the perfect way.
    I think the most important is that I do my job with passion and dedication, I feel the day intensely and give 100% of myself to your day.


    When should we book you for our wedding?

    My calendar is getting booked 16 month ahead so very early bookings are highly recommended.


    Do we need to feed you at the reception?

    I will much appreciate if you do, a photographers need to renew their energy too.


    What Cameras and lenses do you use?

    My gears are Canon 5d Mark IV and Mark III and I use zoom and primary lenses.